Brand identity will depend on how a business will present itself and wants to be perceived by its customers. A memorable logo can create instant recognition for your brand and help you stand out in the marketplace.

As you know, you can offer great products, but without a logo to represent your business, the product loses their meaning. A free logo maker software, with help you draft an excellent logo for your company. The best thing about logo maker software is the different design it offers to enable you to create a unique logo. To come up with a professional logo for your business, you can use either of these logo designs templates:

Green bean logo template

Does your company offer products and services related to the environment? If so, Green bean logo template is the best for you. It makes your logo look attractive because of it clean and lucid style.

Due to its vector image, you can change color, shape, text as well as increase or decrease its size without losing quality. You can download it for free and install it on your computer.

Flower element in a circle logo template

If your company deals with flowers or naturally related businesses, flower element in a circle logo template will work well for you. It is a vector logo. Hence,you can change colors and change the text in the logo. You can download it in PDF format and post it on social media, website or use in business cards or posters.

Business shape logo template

This logo template fits well with a wide range of users. It is stylish, and great colors are carefully selected to convey the right message. It is created in a modern way with a great logotype to make it general. You can download it for free and share with the public.

House logo template

Are you an engineer or a constructor who is looking for a logo? House logo template, will help convey meaning about what you do. It is a stylish logo perfect for all real estate businesses. To edit text, increase the size or change color, you need vector editing software like free logo maker software.

Rocket fish logo template

Is your career related to hardware, software or technology? If yes, Rocket fish logo template should be your consideration. It is a vector image. So, you can change its color and increase or decrease its size without interfering with quality.


Logo design template is free. Thus, budgetary constraints should not worry you any more.